Conmebol proposes Real Madrid v River Plate 'super' match

The South American Football Federation has proposed the idea to UEFA of staging a match between the current European Super Cup and Recopa Sudamericana champions

Conmebol proposes Real Madrid v River Plate 'super' match

The South American Football Federation (Conmebol) has proposed to UEFA the creation of a ‘super’ match between the champions of the Recopa Sudamericana and the European Super Cup.

According to a press release published on Wednesday by the organisation, the aim is to stage “one or two matches” between the current respective champions, Real Madrid (Spain) and River Plate (Argentina).

River Plate`s Teofilo Gutierrez, center, holds up the trophy as he celebrates with his teammates at the end of the Recopa Sudamericana

"Push forward" for bilateral relations 

“This, without doubt, will give the relationship between Europe and South America new vigour and a major push forward,” said the communication sent by the president of Conmebol, Alejandro Domínguez, to UEFA.

The letter also mentions "the growing interest of the two confederations in strengthening institutional ties, not only on a political level, but also fundamentally in the sphere of sport."

River Plate are the current champions of the Recopa Sudamericana, a duel which sees the two victors of the Copa Libertadores and the Copa Sudamericana play each other. The UEFA Super Cup, meanwhile – of which Real Madrid are the current holders – sees the Champions League and Europa League winners face off for the trophy.

How will UEFA receive idea?

It’s not the first time that Conmebol have proposed such collaboration between the South American and European organisations. Just recently, Conmebol president Domínguez brought forward the idea of a match between the European Championship and Copa America winners (Portugal and Chile). UEFA, however, weren´t keen on the idea. Could they be more open to this latest suggestion?