Neymar confirms he held talks with PSG this summer

"We had many conversations but I decided to stay at Barcelona because I feel at home and happy here," Neymar told the press at a sponsors event PSG vs Bayern Munich

Neymar confirms he held talks with PSG this summer

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Neymar press conference

At a Barcelona sponsors event, Neymar talked to the Spanish press for the first time since confirming his contract extension and speculation linking him with a move to PSG during the summer.

Did you have meeting with the PSG owner?

“Yes, we had many conversations with many people and I decided to stay at Barcelona because I feel at home and happy here with my teammates and my life.”

Can you confirm that you were offered €40m euros a season by PSG?

“No I can’t confirm that.”

Do you expect to be in contention for the Balon d’Or? Who’s the favourite?

Neymar speaking at the sponsors event

“I hope to be in the top three. The favourite is difficult to say. For me, Messi is the best. Cristiano won titles and sometimes this holds weight. Sometimes it’s not won by the best player. If the Balon d’Or was always won by the best, it would always be won by Messi.”

How has the season started?

“I’m really happy. I think we’re going to have a great season. We’ll have to work and train hard though. To have success and enjoy yourself on the field is the most important thing.”

Winning Olympic gold with Brazil…

“We’ve been looking to do it for a long time. We faced some difficulties but we’re very proud. Now the coach wants to put his stamp on the team. Brazil is Brazil, we’ll always have quality players. We didn’t win the World Cup and there’s been a lot of pressure, but I’m sure we’re going places.”

Titles with Barça…

“We didn’t win the Champions League but we had a great season. We’ve got to start again as it’s going to be another long season but we’re going to win more titles.”

If you could change one rule of football what would it be?

“I would change a lot! When you celebrate with the fans, before you could and they wouldn´t give you a card. Now you can’t celebrate.”


“I don’t see myself leaving Barça. This is my home. I feel important at the club and I hope my play continues to help my team. I think it’s going to me a good season for me.”