“Barcelona don’t look after Messi,” rants Argentina coach

Edgardo Bauza was furious after seeing his captain go down with injury yet again against Atlético Madrid and didn’t hold back in attacking the club
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“Barcelona don’t look after Messi,” rants Argentina coach

Angry Bauza criticizes Barcelona over Messi injury

Leo Messi went off injured after an hour during Barcelona’s 1-1 draw with Atlético Madrid on Wednesday night and it sent shockwaves around Argentina. Messi will be out of action for three weeks, an absence that has hit Argentina coach Edgardo Bauza’s plans hard. He planned to have his captain available for the double header in October against Peru and Uruguay.

Messi’s hasty return to match fitness hasn’t sat well at all with Bauza, who lashed out at Barcelona during an appearance on FOX Sports.

Leo Messi limped off injured after an hour on Wednesday night, much to the anger of Argentina coach Egardo Bauza

They never look after him, says Bauza

"They tell us to look after him but they never do,” he ranted. “He came with physical problems. We’ll have to wait to see the full extent of the injury. I don’t want to say anything else until I speak with him.”

But Bauza’s angry tirade didn’t end there and he continued to criticize the conduct of the club. “They rely on him being healthy so I’m surprised that he plays every game. We, on the other hand, decided not to take him to Venezuela so that he would have time to recover completely,” he continued.

Messi needs to rest whether he likes it or not

I know that Messi always wants to play and that he doesn’t want to be on the bench or come off. But that’s what doctors are for, to decide when he needs to be taken off. They need to decide whether he likes them or not.”