Madrid must renew Pepe

Pepe has earned a new contract

I cannot imagine any other outcome than seeing Pepe being handed a fully deserved and necessary contract extension. I cannot understand what the club is waiting for. Why hang about to announce the continuity of one of the players in Zidane's squad who not only has status, but who completely identifies with Real Madrid  and has shown his commitment to the team and the club. Pepe is 33, but he has the heart of a 23-year-old. In the recent Euros he was the MVP, ending on the winning side in the final against France and was also declared the best central defender of the tournament. He really came into his own at Euro 2016.

He's been there on the magical nights

In the hallowed white shirt, I'll always remember Pepe in the starting line-up on the most recent big games: in the 3-1 win over Barça at the Bernabéu two seasons ago (he grabbed one of the goals), in the 1-2 win away at Camp Nou last season and, last but by no means least, his giant performance in the Champions League final in Milan when Madrid brought the Undécima home. Pepe is far more reliable than Varane, who looked a much better player three seasons ago than he does today. Varane has dropped in form while Pepe just seems to be getting better and better. Next summer it will be 10 years since he joined (due repsect to Peđa Mijatović for a very shrewd signing by the way) and it would only fair that he completes a decade with Los Blancos knowing that he will continue to defend the shirt with his heart and soul like he has done in every single match. Pepe's heart is, and should stay at Real Madrid.