Morata: "Something's wrong and we have to sort it out now"

The striker was special guest on El Larguero: “I spoke to a lot of coaches over the summer but Zidane was the only one who told me I would be important in the team”.
  • - Coverage match of the World Cup 2018 qualifier Spain-Israel.

Morata: "Something's wrong and we have to sort it out now"
El Larguero

Italy-Spain Live

Important role with Madrid

Álvaro Morata was special guest on Cadena SER radio programme El Larguero on Tuesday night.

Returning to Turin

Back in Italy, at the Juventus stadium: "I'm really looking forward to it. I left behind a lot of freinds. I'm trying to get hold of about 200 tickets at least, for all of the people I know!!  (laughs)... I hope that the people there receive me well like they always have done. I'm sure they'll treat me well. When I played against Italy in Udine, they applauded me".

What to do between double training sessions: "We watch TV series, play videogames... we pass the time however we can. Right now I am watching 'Narcos', the second season".

Decisive game against Italy: "These two games are the two most important ones we've got - and the most difficult, against Italy and Albania - both away from home. If we can win both of them, we will be taking a big step forward in qualifying".

In the starting XI: "I've got no idea. Of course In would love to play this first game. But just being there is going to be incredible for me. If the coach plays me, I'll give evrything I've got".

Words of advice from Diego Costa

At a disadvantage with Diego Costa in the squad: "Of course, because he has played more than I have and scored more goals.I'm not going to kid myself. If I was the coach, I would be looking at those things too. I will understand if Diego plays. He treats me well and gives me good advice. Maybe he'll have to scrap it out with the defenders and then I can come on! (laughs)".

Down the pecking order for not playing regularly with Madrid: "Lately I haven't been scoring, but those things happen in football. We are going through a bad patch and I hope it ends soon. There will be other moments in the season when you play more and score more".

Lack of intensity to Madrid's game: "It's clear something's not right. We need to be united as a team and fight all for one and one for all. If you look at Madrid individually, there are some very good players, but when we have played as one, as a team, people say we have the best squad in the world. We have to look to see what's going wrong, I don't know if it's a lack of intensity, but it's better to find out what's going wrong now rather than later".

Zidane getting angry: "All of us get angry at some point. He is very communicative with us. More than giving us a ticking off, they are conversations in which he tells us what he thinks but to our face. And he is that way with all of us. It's important to have a good atmosphere and we have got all we need to make this a great year. The season's only just started and despite everythingm we are level on points with the leaders. Last year at Juventus, we were 10 or 12 points off the lead and that really was a nightmare (laughs)...".

Benzema not at his best: "I can't say if I need to be given more playing time or not. The boss knows what he is doing. Madrid is a the most difficult place for a player to get regular playing time. I'll keep battling and being self critical about my game, but I can't be thinking that I should be playing more than I am".

An unsettling summer before rejoining Madrid: "I was on holiday but ecery day I received phone calls from my dad or Juanma López to warn me that a club was going to call me. I spoke to other coaches, because I had other options and it was good for me to weigh everything up. But I spoke to Zidane and he was the only one who told me that I would be important in the team and that I would play a lot of games. That was what I needed to hear. I didn't have to think twice. This was my opportunity and if I didn't seize it, it might never come along again. Madrid was the club who wanted me the most and here I am".