Cristiano Ronaldo causes outrage with Buddha statue photo

The Portuguese player posted a photo of himself standing beside the statue of Buddha but he couldn't have imagined the reaction it received on social media.

Cristiano Ronaldo accused of disrespecting Buddist statue.

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo has caused a bit of a storm on social media after posting a picture of himself next to a statue of Buddha.

In the photo the player's famous right foot is placed on top of the surrounding small wall of the statue, which is in the form of the head of the father of Buddhism. It is this stance that has caused several of his followers to react.

Bom dia

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There are about 300 million Buddhists and although the teachings attributed to Buddha are "in general, a way of finding peace within oneself", some of the respondents to Cristiano's post were far from tranquil as you can see from our very small selection below.

A selection of replies to Cristiano's photo.

Yesterday we told you about Marisa Mendes, the new person in charge of Ronaldo's social media communications. Recently we've seen various interesting posts on the player's accounts including his face mask treatment and a Lamborghini pose.

Real Madrid's number 7 poses in front of a black Lamborghini.

Real Madrid's number 7 poses in front of a black Lamborghini.

What will be the next "Bom dia" in store for us?