FIFA rankings: Spain in, Wales out of top 10, Argentina stay top

With the recent World Cup qualifiers, Fifa released the updated list of country placings. Wales slip out of top ten as Spain push in front of them. Argentina remain ahead of them all.

FIFA rankings: Spain in, Wales out of top 10, Argentina stay top

Lopetegui's men back in the top ten

The Spanish national team have returned to the top ten in the latest edition of the world rankings composed by Fifa. Germany and Brazil are in second and third place respectively behind top dogs Argentina.

The list was updated after the recent international qualifiers as teams jostled for position in their groups for World Cup 2018 in Russia. Belgium, who had been in the top three since March 2015, dropped to fourth while Wales were the side to drop out of the top ten as Spain jumped ahead of them.

Biggest risers and fallers

Montenegro saw the greatest gain in their 49-place move up the rankings to 56th. Cyprus had the biggest move in the wrong direction, falling 52 places to 139th in the world.

Fifa Rankings

.1. Argentina 1,621 Points 
.2. Germany 1,465
.3. Brazil 1,410
.4. Belgium 1,382
.5. Colombia 1,361
.6. Chile 1,273
.7. France 1,271
.8. Portugal 1,231
.9. Uruguay 1,175
10. Spain 1,168
11. Wales 1,113
12. England 1,090
13. Italy 1,082
14. Switzerland 1,071
15. Polond 1,029
16. Croatia 1,027
17. Mexico 1,001
18. Costa Rica 971
19. Ecuador 932
20. Holland 901