Roberto Mancini describes Mario Balotelli as an idiot

Roberto Mancini spoke at the Universidad Luiss Guido Carli in Rome where he said about the Italian striker, "Like all young people, sometimes he's stupid".

Mancini: "Ballotelli is an idiot"

Mario always seems to create interest

Roberto Mancini spoke at the Universidad Luiss Guido Carli in Rome and as part of this talked about Italian striker Mario Balotelli. He got some giggles from his audience when he simply said: "He's an idiot!"

Striker Mario Balotelli with manager Roberto Mancini upon joining Man City.

Balotelli is now plying his trade - rather successfully - at Nice in the French top flight but previously was under the management of Mancini. The ex-Manchester City and Inter Milan manager said of his countryman:

"He is the same age as my son, he debuted in Serie A very young. He's an extraordinary, talented young lad, but like all youngsters, he sometimes does absurd things. But young people would not be young if they didn't do stupid things. As a player he's fantastic".

Growing maturity and improving player

Talking further about the progression of the player, Mancini said:

"Mario has started to display a little after some years. A player, after reaching a certain age, changes. I hope that his experience in France, which has started very well, return him to the level he was at a few years ago when he was in the national team. He has incredible quality and, for those that know him, he is a truly great guy. A kid with a big heart; I hope as always he can improve"