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Luis Enrique: "This is football, not a coca-cola machine"

The Barça coach refused to single out individual mistakes: "We're not a machine, and you press a button and a coca-cola comes out".

Sevilla - Barcelona live

40 amazing minutes

Barcelona coach Luis Enrique told TV3 in the Flash Zone that his side played "40 amazing minutes" before succumbing to Manchester City at the Etihad stadium but refused to single out any members of his side for the defeat. “It's true that we created a lot of chances on goal we committed a key mistake and after that had five poor minutes; in the second half we made far too many mistake conducting the ball out. City have quality players - that's life, that's how it is.

Free-kick could have been avoided

"This is football, it's not a machine in which you press a button and a coca-cola comes out. We could have avoid the goal which City scored from a free-kick. If you were watching thison television and turned off on 40 minutes with the score at 0-1, you wouldn't believe how it turned out. We've got to pick ourseñves up and carry on. We don't get carried away when we win and we don't go overboard when we lose", he concluded.