Ancelotti: "I've never seen a player in training like Zidane"

Bayern Munich's coach spent two seasons with the French midfielder at Juventus. He says he has never seen a player with such class.

Ancelotti: "I've never seen a player in training like Zidane"

Turin days

Zinedine Zidane enjoyed a great season under Carlo Ancelotti's wing at Real Madrid, finally delivering La Décima but the two men coincided years before that when the Italian was in charge at Juventus and the French midfielder, part of his squad.

Now Ancelotti acknowledges that he has never witnessed a player blessed with the class which Zidane had, and that he couldn't believe what he was seeing when Zizou trained every day. “Those training sessions were really a sight to see - every workout was a spectacle; out of all of the players I have coached, he's the player who impressed me most in training", the Bayern Munich coach revealed in an interview with Tiki-Taka.

One defect

But Ancelotti did spot one flaw in Zidane's game. He felt that Zidane could have done better with his finishing during his time in Italy. “In my opinion, I think Zidane could have done more, particularly in front of goal”, he added.

Zidane doubled his ratio with Madrid

Zidane and Ancelotti were together at Juventus from 1999 until 2001, and during those two seasons Zidane scored 10 goals - a registry which he produced, on average, every season later at Real Madrid.