Messi pays Argentina football team security out of own pocket

The Barcelona attacker was reportedly approached by the security team before he called his father Jorge to transfer the funds after the AFA failed to pay them for six months. Sporting vs Barcelona

Lionel Messi of Argentina
Nicolas Aguilera EFE

The state of the Argentina Football Association is negligent at the best of times and Lionel Messi's role within the national football team and his relationship with his country's football governing body a strange one.

Juan Palo Varsky reports today that Argentina's number 10 paid team security out of his own pocket after they told him that they had not been paid by the federation for six months prior to telling the Barcelona player.

FIFA took over the running of the association after Luis Segura was charged following an investigation that revealed the misappropriation of funds and the AFA president resigned from his role in June.

Widely recognised as one of the greatest footballers to have ever played the game, Messi retired from international football but returned stating that the Argentinian football had enough problems with him creating more.