AC Milan's Suso finds excuse after two goal 50 km bet

The Spanish centre-midfielder made a bold claim ahead of the Milan derby saying that he would walk home after the match if he scored a double. The goals both came but not the walk.

Suso: "I'll walk home if I score a double"...then bags brace!

Ahead of the Milan derby on Sunday, the Spanish midfielder Jesús Joaquín Fernández Sáenz de la Torre, known as Suso, made the bold claim that he would walk home after the match if he was to score two goals. He then went on to notch a brace for his side in the 2-2 draw with Inter, who levelled at the death.

AC Milan's Suso shoots and scores the second goal.

Not fulfilling the bet

Suso lives almost 50 kilometers from the San Siro stadium which would have taken him around nine hours to do on foot. But even though the conditions of his promise appeared to have been met, there was an additional clause thrown in after the game to negate the walk.

The player from Andalusia said, "The claim was only if we won the game too and that didn't happen. I'll return home by car:"