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"My teammates were murdered, it wasn't an accident"

Chapecoense player Moises Santos, who wasn't on the doomed flight that crashed in Colombia, says he believes pilot Miguel Quiroga is 'the guilty one' of bringing down the plane.

"My teammates were murdered, it wasn't an accident"

Chapecoense player Moises Santos, a team-mate of the Brazilian footballers killed in the Colombian plane crash earlier this week, has claimed the players were 'murdered' and that the tragedy ‘wasn’t an accident'.

Santos, who did not travel on the ill-fated jet due to injury, claimed pilot Miguel Quiroga 'was the only guilty one' in bringing down the plane which killed 71 people when it ran out of fuel just short of its destination in Medellin on Tuesday.

Despite reports suggesting that the pilot was ordered to circle by air traffic controllers as he waited to land, the evidently-still-in-shock Moises angrily accused Quiroga of having 'destroyed many families, and the whole city of Chapeco'.

Moises Santos

In comments made to MailOnline, the player – who was one of seven who didn't board the flight – said: 'At the moment I got injured I questioned God, and said to my wife 'why me?' Today I can see that because of my injury, God delivered me.

"If he saved me why didn't he save them aswell?"

'But how can I say that God delivered me, when he didn't deliver my friends who were no that plane? If he saved me why didn't he save them aswell? I don't have any reason to talk of being delivered.’

He then made the controversial claim: 'My friends were murdered - that wasn't an accident.'

The pilot’s family, however, have hailed Quiroga as a 'superhero' with his cousin Kris Quiroga insisting that the pilot did 'everything possible to save everyone who was on that plane.'

Crash site

"He destroyed many families, he destroyed the whole city of Chapeco"

However, Moises told the MailOnline: 'You can't hope for much from human beings. That guy who was taking the Chapecoense players, he destroyed many families, he destroyed the whole city of Chapeco. For Chapeco to get back everything that we had will take a long time.

'Many people in Chapeco were dependent on the players, the families of the players, and now what are they going to do? This is the question that everybody is asking, what is going to happen to the families?

In the report conducted by the Bolivian national aviation agency, which is now part of the official crash investigations, the flight despatcher had been warned the duration of the flight ‘was equal to aircraft fuel endurance,’ meaning there was insufficient fuel in the tank to complete the trip.

However, according to the documents seen by Globo, the dispatcher said he talked to the pilot who 'insisted on making the flight, stating that the fuel endurance was sufficient and he would be able to make the flight in less time than usual.'