Juventus, the team Zidane is hoping to avoid in the draw

The Real Madrid coach said that his team is "ready to meet any rival" and added that he feels proud of their Champions League campaign. Champions League Final 2017

Juventus, the team Zidane is hoping to avoid in the draw

Real Madrid-Deportivo La Coruña

Happy with the group stage

Zinedine Zidane said that he was satisfied with his team as they advanced to the knockout round of the Champions League, despite finishing second in their qualifying group, telling reporters in his post-match press conference, "We did everything possible to finish first, but we were not able to do so".

How the game evolved: "It was a very complicated game. We had some difficulties in the second half, but I am very proud of what the players have done since we started this Champions Leagie campaign. But it's true that we dropped in intensity in the second half".

Second in the group: "We haven't ended top of the group but we have to acknowledge that Dortmund deserved to end in first place. We put in a good game tonight, but couldn't improve our position in the group".

'Accessible' rivals in the next round: "That's not something which worries me, what matters is what we did to win our group but we didn't manage to do it. We're not going to start going over all of that now. We have ended second and we are looking forward to the outcome of Monday's draw. What the players are doing isn't easy. We have to congratulate them and let them get some rest because we have another important game on Saturday".

The draw: "We don't prefer any rival over another. If I had to choose, I'd rather not meet Juventus next. But we are ready and prepared for whoever we are drawn against. Now we are going to make sure we get some good rest".

Cristiano Ronaldo: "The public is very demanding. The Bernabéu has always been that way. Cristiano had a few chances on goal and worked hard - and that will help all of us to improve".

Benzema: "It's important for any striker to be scoring - and especially in a game like tonight's. I'm happy for him getting a couple of goals, and also for what the rest of the team did to help Karim. It's not easy to score 50 goals in the Champions League".