Barça's Sergi Roberto says Real Madrid have luck on their side

The full back spoke on Monday night on Spanish RAC 1 radio show 'Tu Diras' and was blunt with his Messi-Cristiano comparison: "Messi, is light years ahead". Juventus-Real Madrid live

Barça's Sergi Roberto says Real Madrid have luck on their side

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Fortunate Madrid

"Messi is light years ahead of Cristiano"

Barcelona player Sergi Roberto was invited to join the RAC-1 radio programme 'Tu Diras' on Monday evening and spoke openly about his views of Real Madrid and their recent triumphs. In his view, Los Blancos have had "lady luck on their side in many games where they've scored at the death".

Another topic that came up was the comparison between the protagonists for the big two Spanish clubs, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. And he was very clear about where he stood on the debate. “You can't compare them, forget the Ballon d'Or, everyone knows that Messi is the best, he's light years ahead," he stated.

The Iniesta influence

"How much should we embarrass the opposition today?" Iniesta may have whispered to Messi.

And he also went on to praise the partnership between teammates Iniesta and Messi: “Watching Andrés and Leo play when they combine is fantastic. It's a lovely duo for the spectators to watch because they make magic happen with their feet and the ball.

"Everyone now knows the greatness of these two players. Leo is the best player of all time. Andrés is a home-grown player who has been with us for a long time. It's very noticeable when he's not there. He's one of the most important players in the team”.