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Barcelona cautious over costly Iniesta renewal

Midfield maestro Iniesta's contract finishes in 2018, and he's determined to maintain his current position on the salary scale. Barça are worried about spiralling wage costs.

Iniesta's contract at Barcelona finishes in 2018 

Andrés Iniesta's current contract at Barcelona finishes in 2018 (like Messi's) and just like with the Argentinean, Barça are desperate to tie up a contract renewal with the player as soon as possible.

Iniesta's contract is up for renewal.

Iniesta committed to Barça

Everybody is aware of Iniesta's committment to the club, the only one he's played for, but at the same time the midfield genius is more than aware of his cards and when to play them to get what he wants. And the Barça board, and president Josep Maria Bartomeu are aware of the potential problems in tying up Iniesta's extension.

No formal talks yet between Barcelona and Iniesta

As of now there have been no formal discussions between club and player over a new deal. Although both sides are on good terms, Iniesta doesn't know what the club will offer him, and Bartomeu isn't sure what the player is going to ask for, and that lack of information on both sides is a cause for some nervousness in the executive suite at the Camp Nou. "There could be some controversy, but Iniesta will stay at Barcelona" is the message.

Iniesta determined to maintain salary

For Iniesta's part, the player and his inner circle are saying nothing. Months ago he said he wanted to finish his career at Barça, a message that settled nerves at the club, but, that said, he will demand to continue to be one of the highest paid players in the squad, something he feels is fully deserved given his performances on the pitch, despite how old he'd be by the time any new contract would be finished. As of now he's on the second rung of the salary scale, behind Messi.

Barcelona economic situation

What's really worrying Barcelone is a spiralling wage burden with the club's delicate economic situation (they have just improved Busquests, Neymar and Suárez's contracts). Iniesta's new deal needs to be done, and Messi's renewal is expected to be around 70 million euros gross a season (35 million net for the player). "The situation is under control" say club sources, but at the same time there is an acceptance that renewing Iniesta's deal may not be as simple as many think.




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*Update 26 de diciembre de 2016