Usain Bolt: sprint star surprises MUTV with phone-in call

Bolt gave his verdict on Manchester United's win over Middlesbrough to a disbelieving host, then took to social media to confirm it was him.

Usain Bolt: sprint star surprises MUTV with phone-in call
Andrew Yates AFP

Sprint star Usain Bolt showed his love for Manchester United when he made a surprise call to the Premier League club's in-house television channel on Saturday.

"It's not Usain Bolt, is it?"

In the traditional post-match phone-in on MUTV following United's 2-1 win over Middlesbrough, presenter Mandy Henry introduced the next caller as being a "Usain from Jamaica" and added: "It's not Usain Bolt, is it?"

Olympic champion Bolt replied: "It is Usain Bolt."

Henry still looked disbelieving as Bolt gave his opinion on United's victory, saying: "They came through like the old Manchester United.

"They came through and pushed on and persevered, the Manchester United way. It was a great match, I am very happy about this."

Bolt confirms on Twitter it really was him

Bolt then tweeted to confirm it was indeed him, with Henry replying to the Jamaican apologising and telling him to call again soon.