"We've got to take Messi's contract renewal with calm..."


"We've got to take Messi's contract renewal with calm..."

Luis Enrique, entrenador del Barcelona, durante una rueda de prensa.



Barça's coach gave his thoughts on Gratacós' words and hasn't given up on entering the transfer market: “Until the final day, there's always a chance”.


Barcelona-Las Palmas Live

Luis Enrique spoke about being pitted against Real Sociedad in the Copa del Rey quarter finals, Saturday's league game against Las Palmas and the slow movement of Leo Messi's contract renewal in this afternoon's press conference.

Same philosophy


Tomorrow's game against Las Palmas: “We'll be up against a team whose philosophy is similar to ours. Their game is based around the ball and generating situations of superiority. Las Palmas are one of the most entertaining teams to watch for football fans. As a coach it's difficult to find ways of getting the ball off them. It's also an important game for us to see if we can string together a run of wins”.

Amazing feat

Suárez scored his 100th goal. What adjectives best describe him? “At the start there was talk that he was overweight and not scoring goals. In this world of exaggerations which we live in, the figures are there for everyone to see. 100 goals in 120 games is extraordinary. Few players can achieve numbers like that and they prove that we were spot on in bringing Luis Suárez to the club - we didn't get that wrong - for his goals and for his comportment as a player”.

How do feel about meeting Real Sociedad in the Copa del Rey quarter finals? “It's been a special morning for us because of the draw. It's not a ground where we have had much luck in recent years and I never never won there as a coach so that day could be a little closer. La Real are one of the teams who play the best football. It's going to be a passionate tie. And we will face extra difficulties”.

All in good time

Pere Gratacós came out and said that Messi wouldn't be the player he is without Iniesta and Neymar. Are you worried that those words could have a negative effect on Messi's contract renewal? “I'm not going to enter into that. I heard what he said and he said that Leo was the best. The club has been clear about Messi's contract and Messi himself seems happy with the idea. With Messi's contract we have to be calm and let Leo and the club sort it out at their own pace.  I'm not going to say more on the matter”.

Messi's equalled Koeman's free-kick record. Does he practice taking free-kicks a lot on the training pitch? “The truth of the matter is that free-kick practice isn't part of the training routine, it's more about individual talent than anything else. He doesn't really need to practice. We have seen him score all different kinds of goals. It's just another facet in Messi's repertoire. As for beating records, I don't think Messi's that bothered because he has beaten more or less all of them - I don't think there are any records left for Messi to beat”

Will Barça be doing any dealing in this month's transfer window? “I'm not going to close any doors. Right up until the final day there is always a chance of something happening”.



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