Monchi, the master of restoration, gets it right again with Jovetic

When that Jovetic goal went in and defeated Real Madrid for the first time in 40 games on Sunday, I thought Monchi (Sevilla’s sporting director) has only gone and got it right again. It was Jovetic’s second goal against Madrid in four days, both times after coming off the bench (the one on Thursday without even a proper training session with his new side). Jovetic, who arrived without having found the net since April and had hardly played at Inter, represents perhaps the most common example of Monchi's successes: a once promising and sought-after player who’d fallen into a rut, been snapped up by Sevilla for little money, and then comes out with dazzling again. Like Nasri, who Guardiola didn’t think was good enough for City, and well look at him no

Jovetic scored the winner versus Madrid on Sunday

Sevilla's buy-cheap-sell-high model

There are so many similar cases (Rami, Banega, the currently injured Tremoulinas, Luis Fabiano, Maresca, M'Bia...the list is endless) that I see Monchi as one of those old furniture restorers who goes around in search of gems tucked away in old houses, buys them and brings them back to their original splendour. Generally, Sevilla buy cheap and sell high. But they also dare with players who are said to have already missed the boat. That allows you to keep going, and it's already been ten years like so. Sevilla are not afraid to sell because they know that almost every purchase they make will be a success. Now they’re even thinking about winning the league.

I don't know if they'll win the league but...

It's Monchi, but it's not all him. At Sevilla there is a work environment that involves many people (in practice the whole club), so that the Jovetics or Nasris that arrive find an ideal habitat already in place. The club works well, without parasites, without envy, with tasks properly distributed, with unity of purpose, with a very positive enthusiasm for the things done properly. And they also know how to choose coaches. Now Sevilla are shining with Sampaoli, who was a gamble as risky as there is. I do not know if Sevilla will win LaLiga (Madrid have a more favourable fixture list) but they are giving, once again, an example of a job well done.