Zidane includes Cristiano, Berizzo excludes Orellana

Iron hand in a velvet glove

Aside from Sampaoli, Eduardo Berizzo is also from the School of Marcelo Bielsa. Another good coach who makes the people of Vigo happy and rallies behind the team. That affords him the kind of drastic gesture he made yesterday with Orellana, abruptly removing the Chilean winger from his plans. Orellana is a great player, the pride of Chile, and something must have really disappointed Berizzo for him to have such an extreme reaction. Yesterday the news began to circulate that Orellana may go to Valencia. And on the eve of Madrid-Celta he was visibly shaken by this news, indicating an iron hand in a velvet glove.

Berizzo has said he will no longer pick Orellana for Celta

Madrid go all in for Cup clash 

For his part, Zidane is set to call upon everyone except Carvajal and the injured few. Carvajal is carrying fatigue and will rest. But only him. Cristiano is in the squad, though will he play? It is difficult to know. Against Sevilla he didn’t appear in either the first or second leg in the Cup and in the League he was weak, but it would be strange to name him and then not pick him. Whether he plays or not, it is clear that we’re in a period in which things will change for Cristiano. Where he was relentless before – a devourer of minutes – now he needs to reserve himself (he agrees). The time has also come for him to change his game to become a pure forward centre forward. It’s a very big change, but he can no longer be what he used to be. He just doesn’t have the physicality anymore.

Ronaldo is set to play against Celta

Keylor under pressure 

It is understood that Casilla will be in goal, according to the allocation of roles that has now become almost traditional for keepers: League for the No.1, Cup for the No.2. Yesterday Zidane defended Keylor Navas, who in Seville had, I believe, one of his worst matches since he arrived in Madrid. He was in no-man’s land for Sergio Ramos's own goal, whose interceptive header could have been prevented if he had stood his ground, and he was also very poorly placed for Jovetic’s effort, offering up more than half the goal for his long range shot. Some are already asking for another goalkeeper, but remember Madrid cannot sign until the summer. And there is Casilla of course. We’ll see him tonight.