Zidane speaks on Cristiano and Danilo criticism, James injury


Zidane speaks on Cristiano and Danilo criticism, James injury

Zidane speaks on Cristiano and Danilo criticism, James injury

The French coach was speaking ahead of the game with Málaga and said that the team were not worried and the mood in dressing room was good. He also gave his support to Danilo.

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Real Madrid manager, Zinedine Zidane, attended the press conference ahead of the game tomorrow against Málaga at the Bernabéu where he spoke about the current feeling in the squad, and more specifically about the pressure on Cristiano and Danilo.

On recent defeats: "The good thing is that we have a game tomorrow to change things after the two defeats. We have to come out all guns blazing from the start".

On cause for consecutive losses: "Nothing’s fallen apart. It’s true that we have lost two games in a row, the two teams that beat us put us in difficulties, and are very good. But that’s no excuse. What we have to do is keep going. Now is a good time to lose these two games. I would have liked to keep winning but it was a good time to lose...Now we’ll regain confidence and continue.”

On Cristiano: "Cristiano will always be criticised, when he doesn't score, when he plays in a different position... He remains a player who makes a difference, maybe in one game he plays worse. If you've not played, you cannot understand this".

On Danilo: "The jeers are unfair. But not only from the fans, but from everyone, it's unfair what is said about him. He is a professional , who always gives everything. We want the best version of Danilo, he does too and is working to give that. I am with him 1000%, not 100%, I love him as a player."

On James: "He still has discomfort in his calf, but next week, Monday, I hope he'll be back with us. We have had many injuries, but from knocks, not muscular.”

On criticism: "We have to have more concentration. I am not worried. The dressing room is good, we are not playing any worse. I said that we had started badly against Celta but later I saw that this was not the case. I'm not going to criticise, despite the defeats".


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