Ramos: "We need the fans behind us, not giving us sh*t"


Ramos: "We need the fans behind us, not giving us sh*t"

Sergio Ramos celebra el primero de sus dos goles en el Real Madrid 2-0 Málaga, partido de LaLiga Santander 2016-2017 disputado en el estadio Santiago Bernabéu.



The captain asked fans to be a bit more forgiving. "I can't belive that Sevilla's president hasn't taken a stance against the violence".

Sergio Ramos' brace against Málaga makes him Real Madrid's second top scorer in all competitions this season.

Violence in the stands

Problems with Sevilla's radical Biris supporters: "I don't like talking about what's all in the past, but if you insist, I'll explain: I said that I wasn't launching an attack on the violent fans when I was referring to the opposite. I am astounded that Sevilla's presidenthas not taken a stance against the violent element at the club. For those who are in a position to make decisions on these issues, it's quite simple...".

Goals keep coming

Team's second top scorer: "I don't know if it's a good sign or not. The season is very long and I really cannot see myself ending the season as the team's second top scorer. We have a lot of goal scorers throughout the team and I'm sure they will get the chance top overtake me. On a personal level, I'm very happy because I've never scored so many goals at this stage of the season; and if they help us to win, then even better...".

Demanding fans: "I've always said that we can never change the Bernabéu. I've spent many years here and like Marcelo said after the Cup game the other day, all of the great players have been whistled here at some point. It's a wake-up call to make the team respond. But it's in the difficult moments that we need them to be behind us, not giving us sh*t and kicking us when we are down. We know how our fans are and we like the way they are. The objective is that we all take this forward together".

Who did you dedicate your goals to? "To the mother who gave birth to me and to a friend who's a rapper".

Spitting at Aspas during the Cup game: "That has to have come from Barcelona... I was five metres away. Aspas didn't even realize".




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