Only the ultras tarnish this exemplary Sevilla

Los Biris strike again 

Sevilla were represented yesterday at Los Premios Nacionales del Deporte (The National Sport Awards) by their coach, Sampaoli. Sevilla have been worthy of recognition for years now for the many things they do well. Those things don’t need to be elaborated on; they are in everyone's mind. But there is something that incessantly ballasts the brilliance of this Sevilla, and that is Los Biris (the club’s ultras). Those damned Biris. In Pamplona, one of them displayed a banner that read 'Gordo'. Gordo is the last name of one of those accused of belonging to a group of men allegedly guilty of gang rape at San Fermin (the famous bull-running festival), five against one, who also recorded the outrage.

Sevilla's ultras

Sevilla's ultra problem bigger that others 

José Castro, the good Sevilla president, complained yesterday that the club can do little about it. It's true: little can be done, but that means something can be done at least. That something includes not defending the incident and not systematically appealing the fines the club receives as a result of Los Biris’ behaviour. Sevilla have a bigger problem than others because their ultras are greater, in pure number, than those of any other club. This general scourge in Spain, which has been sufficiently permitted, began to be fought against after the murder of 'Jimmy', but Sevilla are behind schedule.

They deserve help, but need to take the initiative 

That’s because there are many of them, as we’ve established. Maybe three hundred, or more, depending on who you ask. But the average has increased. That explains the club's caution, but does not justify attitudes that come to be confused with tolerance. The problem is Sevilla’s and they deserve help to solve it, but the impulse should be left the club itself. It was wise to ban the thugs who attacked a few Juve fans in a bar, but wasn’t that the very least that could be done? It will take a constant drive, preventive action, a rapport with LaLiga, the Spanish Football Federation, the authorities and the media, all for one, to end the unique ugly face of an otherwise exemplary Sevilla.