Sergio Ramos' former agent reveals all about his transfer



Sergio Ramos' former agent reveals all about his transfer

Pedro Bravo, who once represented the defender, disclosed details about the operation to bring the player from Sevilla to Madrid in 2005.

Ramos' record move to Real Madrid

The agent who once represented Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos, was a special guest on last night's edition of football programme, 'El Chiringuito' and disclosed a few details about the player's transfer from Sevilla to the capital club in the summer of 2005.

Cortège: "The problem which Sergio Ramos has had is that the people he has around him don't like the truth - they don't like to recognize the labours of the professionals involved and that has gone against Ramos. Telling the truth is the only thing which will benefit Sergio. His close circle is his father and brother and maybe they haven't done what they should have to ensure that Sergio didn't get harmed".

Sergio Ramos getting stick at the Pizjuan.

Unfair treatment

Whistles and insults at the Pizjuán: "The most decorated player to have come out of Sevilla's youth academy, who left 27 million euros in the club's cofffers, who is a dyed-in-the-wool Sevillista of the first order who leaves Sevilla and they whistle him... It's out of order. The accusations and insults are way out of proportion".

First agent: "He's not interested in admitting who his first agent was. He has said that his only agent has been his brother and he knows that isn't true. It didn't even start with me. Fermín, who I wouldn't say is exactly a saint, called me and told me that seeing as he had fallen out with Sevilla  over the whole José Mari affair, would I be interested in taking Sergio Ramos".

Fermín Gutiérrez: "Sergio Ramos's first professional contract with Sevilla was done by me. Fermín Gutiérrez wasn't involved".

"I don't know what was said in the private conversations between Florentino and [former Sevilla president, José María] Del Nido. Nobody has been able to explain what happened in Sergio Ramos' transfer to Madrid. Ramos has taken the flak for something he had nothing to do with. But seeing as he wants to gag his agents...".

Win-win situation

Team involved in negotiations: "The one who had the decisive say in the matter was the father, José María Ramos; with myself andf Fermín Gutiérrez, we decided everything, right from Sergio's first professional contract until his transfer to Real Madrid. If Sergio Ramos hadn't wanted to join Madrid he wouldn't have done it -not even if the buy-out clause had been paid. You have a lad who is only 18, who has given everything for Sevilla and along come Real Madrid and sort his life out for him. Who is going to say no to that? And on top of which they leave 27 million in his club's account.

"Del Nido would always say that none of the players were for sale. So one day, in front of the president, I put a question to a member of the technical department: Would you be able to make a better team with Sergio Ramos and without 27 million euros or without Sergio Ramos but with 27 million. Obviously he replied without Ramos and with 27 million. And let's not forget that Dani Alves was still at the club at the time.

"The operation was closed in Madrid on 30th August. And on the 31st, I was the omne who called Luis Aragonés to get permission to sign the contract in [RFEF base] Las Rozas. The only person who had the direct phone number to Aragonés' office was me - José María didn't have it and nor did René. And the person who dealt with Real Madrid's Human Resources department, and who also deposited the buy-out clause in the bank, was me".


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