Dybala thinking of leaving Juventus to play in Spain


Dybala thinking of leaving Juventus to play in Spain

El delantero Paulo Dybala celebra un gol en el partido de Serie A entre la Juventus y el Lazio, disputado en el Juventus Stadium.

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Dybala, according to programme 'This is Fútbol', has made up his mind to leave Juventus in the summer, with a move to Spain possible. Madrid and Barcelona previously been linked to the striker.

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Juventus are close to losing one of their main stars, Paulo Dybala. Specifically in the space of five months, according to the This is Fútbol programme on Spanish radio station COPE, focused on international football. According to the show, Dybala is desperate to leave Juventus, and wants his next club to be based in Spain. 

Dybala had appeared keen to renew at Juventus

The striker, often linked to many of Europe's biggest clubs, appeared to be close to renewing with Juventus. However one apparently small incident appears to have changed the situation. In the 77th minute of Juventus' win at home over Sassuolo, coach Allegri decided to take Dybala off, provoking a bout of anger from the Argentinean, who refused to shake Allegri's hand. 

Dybala refuses to shake Allegri's hand

Dybala now wants to leave Juventus

According to This is Fútbol, this incident has led directly to Dybala, under contract to 2020, taking hte decision, as of just now, to leave Juventus as soon as he can, that is next summer. And he is apparently keen to try his hand in LaLiga, where he won't struggle to find suitors... his name has already been linked with Real Madrid and Bacelona in the past.


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