Keylor Navas: "Cristiano is hurt when the Bernabéu whistles him"


Keylor Navas: "Cristiano is hurt when the Bernabéu whistles him"

Keylor Navas: "Cristiano is hurt when the Bernabéu whistles him"



The goalkeeper also defended Sergio Ramos: "He loves Seville. I have even heard him singing the Sevilla hymn to himself".

Pura vida

Keylor Navas was Manu Carreño's special guest on El Larguero this evening. The Real Madrid goalkeeper spoke candidly about a number of issues - including the criticism he has come in for, Sergio Ramos' close affinity with Sevilla and being given the whistling treatment by the Bernabéu.

Whereabouts in Madrid do you live?


It must be very different to Costa Rica?

Yes it is, but I'm very happy here. It's not as green, but it's nice.

So we won't hear you saying “Puro Pozuelo”?

No (laughs). But we are very happy.

What do you miss most about Costa Rica?

My family. You always miss your family. I am in a country where I have been accepted well, life is good and you eat well.

What do you like most about Spanish cuisine?

I like pork, cured ham, semi-cured cheese and meat. And seafood too. I'm quite easy to please with my tastes.

Keylor Navas, special guest on El Larguero.

Do you feel loved by Madrid fans?

Yes, right from the start. They love me a lot and I am very grateful. I always try to repay them by doing a good job out on the pitch.

You wouldn't think Madrid were top of the table by the atmosphere at the Bernabéu…

We pay more attention to what's going on within the team. You can always improve and that's what we are trying to do. Little by little we are reaching our objectives. We feel good in ourselves, and strong. We don't want to lose the good feeling of unity we have and we want to keep winning.

Demanding Bernabéu

Were you surprise by the whistles aimed at Casillas, Cristiano…?

These things happen. I was a new player and it didn't take me by surprise. When the fans and players are united, the team is always much stronger. So when the fans really get behind us, it gives us a huge boost - and that's what we want.

What did you make of Cristiano's reaction to being booed against Real Sociedad?

You can tell that Cristiano really loves all the fans and Sergio Ramos, has said so. It's not that he doesn't care that they whistle him. It hurts him when they whistle and jeer, but he knows that the fans also support us. He always tries to help the team by scoring goals.

Did you see his reaction to the fans?

No I didn't see it, but I know how he is within the dressing room. He wants to win all the trophies we can so that we can make the fans happy.

Captain Ramos

You get on really well with Kike Casilla, but what about Ramos, the captain?

He's an excellent captain. During the tough moments, he is always the one who is at the battle front, right in the firing line. He has a very strong mentality. It's not by pure chance he has achieved what he has in his career. He gives off a feeling of security and leadership.

Was he affected by what happened in Seville?

It's difficult. It didn't affect him on a football level but I think it did sentimentally. Being on the receiving end of insults is never good. Ramos loves Seville and love the Andalucia region, I have even heard him singing the Sevilla hymn to himself.


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