Álvaro Morata's peculiar method of avoiding the paparazzi


Álvaro Morata's peculiar method of avoiding the paparazzi

The Real Madrid striker, accompanied by girlfriend Alice Campello, donned a ski jacket complete with zip-up hood and googles in an attempt to evade prowling photographers.

Álvaro Morata pasea de la mano con su novia, la italiana Alice Campello, tras cenar en un restaurante madrileño. El delantero del Real Madrid sorprendió con un abrigo contra el frío que le cubría toda la cabeza.

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Real Madrid striker Álvaro Morata has resorted to some extreme measures in an attempt to avoid having his picture snapped by intrusive paparazzos.

On exiting a restaurant in Madrid this week, Morata donned a ski jacket complete with zip-up hood, googles and ventilation pouch in order to cover his entire face and evade being seen by the public and prowling photographers.

Morata was accompanied by his Italian girlfriend and model, Alice Campello, who didn’t look particularly impressed by her partner’s fashion choice.

Dubious style item

It has been especially cold in the Spanish capital over the last few days, so the 24-year old’s attire also doubled up as a handy guard from the bitter winter air.

Whether the 18-cap Spain forward keeps his new look until the warmer climes of spring remains to be seen, and so indeed will his face is the ski jacket stay on!

One thing is for sure: it’s unlikely the ugly coat will be appearing on Morata’s recently launched clothes and fashion line anytime soon…


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