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Fran Escribá: "The club bags was clumsy but it doesn't change the refereeing"


Fran Escribá: "The club bags was clumsy but it doesn't change the refereeing"

Fran Escribá: "The club bags was clumsy but it doesn't change the refereeing"



Villarreal's coach spoke to the media about last weekend's issues: "It's been blown out of all proportion; it's normal for presents to be given in football".

Escribá plays down Gil Manzano Madrid bags incident

Villarreal coach Fran Escribá spoke to the media this afternoon to preview tomorrow's trip to Osasuna but much of the press conference was centred around the controversies during and after last weekend's defeat to Real Madrid. In the cold light of day, Escribá says much of what has been said and written has been "blown out of all proportion".

One of the first questions to the coach concerned comments from club president Fernando Roig, who claimed he saw match official Jesús Gil Manzano sneaking out of the stadium clutching bags from Real Madrid's official club store.

"I think it's all been exaggerated. I think we have to look at it objectively because we can't be blowing things out of proportion. In every game there are refereeing mistakes but we have to accept that is something that is part and parcel of the game. That a coach is sent off for protesting - serve a fine and that's the end of it. In a perfect world, all of the fuss would stop when the game is over but I can understand that it is a part of football".

Is it normal for match officials to carry around club bags? "To be completely honest I have no idea whether it is a usual for a referee to leave a stadium with club bags; I remember as a player that there would be presents for the team in the dressing room. But I think on this occasion it's being exaggerated. I think it would be wise to not look for problems where there aren't any. Although I will also add that every club is free to do what they want.

Maybe it was a little clumsy - it would have been easy to put them in a rucksack and no one would know any different. But as I say, some people are insinuating that it is connected to the decision taken in the match and that is not the way I see it at all".

Is it time to forget all about the matter? "I can understand why I am being asked questions but I am not here to talk about that - I am here to look ahead to our game in Pamplona. It's time to put it behind us".

Match officials must be respected, says Villarreal coach

Respect for the ref: "Respect is the first thing we should do towards any referee - I have will continue to think that way. I consider myself to be a coach who has always respected match official and they themselves recognize that. I understand their mistakes, it's part of the game and I am at a club which share that view".

Bruno handball - penalty or not? "We could scrutinize all 10 games every weekend looking for mistakes and it would never end. That is why I have maximum respect - like anyone, they can make mistakes but they still deserve our respect".

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