Griezmann fined, tells FEF to "concentrate on other things"


Griezmann fined, tells FEF to "concentrate on other things"




The Atlético striker was fined €3,000 and given a retrospective yellow card for revealing a birthday message to his girlfriend during Valencia game.
Atlético vs Real Madrid

The Spanish Football Federation’s disciplinary committee has fined Antoine Griezmann and applied a retrospective yellow card after the Atlético striker pulled up his shirt to reveal a birthday message to his partner in the 3-0 victory over Valencia last weekend.

"Happy birthday dumpling"

Match referee Estrada Fernández did not caution Griezmann during the game but included the incident in his match report: “During the celebration of the first goal [Griezmann] displayed a shirt with the following text: ‘happy birthday dumpling.’”

Article 91.1 of the FEF’s disciplinary code states that any player “who takes off his shirt and exhibits any kind of publicity, slogan, signs, anagrams or drawings, whatever the content or the reason for the action, will be punished with a fine of 3,000 euros and a yellow card.”

Griezmann: "Fine and a yellow for congratulating my girlfriend"

Griezmann responded on social media after the decision with a message of his own for the committee: “Fine and yellow card for congratulating my girlfriend and that three days later… #PreocupateDeOtrasCosas [concentrate on other things]" he wrote.


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