Xabi Alonso: "Maybe I'll go into coaching when I retire"


Xabi Alonso: "Maybe I'll go into coaching when I retire"

Xabi Alonso habló en rueda de prensa sobre su retirada al final de temporada.


The Bayern Munich midfielder held a press conference to confirm he will end his playing career at the end of the current season
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Xabi Alonso gave a press conference on Friday to confirm his retirement at the end of the season, during which he looked back on his glittering career and suggested he may go into management when he hangs up his boots.

Firstly, Alonso stated he was not retiring due to any physical problems: “Absolutely not, I have no problems. I went through it over and over again in my mind and came to the conclusion that it’s better to leave it a little bit early rather than a little bit late. I feel good, the team is playing well and I have a lot of faith in the gaffer, but I think it is the right time. My teammates and the manager tried to get me to change my mind but the decision was made some time ago. I always intended to leave at the top level and Bayern Munich is certainly that.”

Alonso’s future plans

“I still haven’t decided,” replied Alonso when asked about his plans but hinted at a return at a later date. “At the moment I’m concentrating on the end of the season then we’ll stay in Munich for a while. It would be normal for my family and me to go back to Spain and enjoy a holiday and have a bit of time to ourselves, without having to prepare for a new season. I have a lot of ideas about my future but I haven’t made up my mind yet. What I do know is that I will return to Munich.”

With Carlo Ancelotti at his side, Alonso did not rule out having a go at management one day but admitted that the job “is a very difficult one.”

“I can’t say for sure if I’ll be a coach, but maybe. I have to think about it and prepare for it. Coaching is very difficult. To control a dressing room and have a good relationship with the players is hard, but why not?

Ancelotti: “Xabi has the attributes to be a coach”

Ancelotti also spoke at the press conference and praised his player. “I have to respect his decision. We are losing a fantastic player. I am happy to have coached Xabi and to keep doing so. He has been fantastic as a player, a professional and a person. We still have three months to work together. We’ll try to win titles for him, for the club and also for [Philipp] Lahm. Now he is thinking about holidays but I think he has the attributes to be a good coach. He has the knowledge and the experience. He has been with me for two years and he only has to do the opposite to me to be a good coach,” the Italian chuckled.

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