Luis Enrique: "The PSG game changes nothing - that would be crazy"


Luis Enrique: "The PSG game changes nothing - that would be crazy"

Luis Enrique: "The PSG game changes nothing - that would be crazy"

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Barça's coach evaded questions about Deniz Aytekin's refereeing on Wednesday: "Pass, next question" but spoke about playing a 3-4-3 system.

Deportivo vs Barça live

Deportivo in training today.

Luis Enrique was back in the hotseat on Saturday - this time to preview tomorrow's trip to Deportivo. The Barcelona coach wasn't in the mood to reflect on Deniz Aytekin's performance during Wednesday's Champions League thriller against Paris Saint-Germain.

Luis Enrique on Deportivo's Pepe Mel

Deportivo danger: “Since changing their coach, within a week they gained five points in three games. With the midweek games, they haven't had much of a chance to work on things in training and I guess that Pepe Mel will be pleased to have a chance to get down to that next week”.

Difficulties changing mindset after Wednesday's events: “It is a handicap and something we need to find a solution for. But I trust in the wisdom and common sense of players to be able to deal with the final weeks of the campaign and the games we have left to play. We are in for a very dificult and testing time”.

How is the team physically? “They're fine, we will see which ones are in conditions to compete tomorrow. As for the run-in to the end of the season, we do have another mini-break for internationals but that won't help our players because they will be involved with their national teams. April is going to be mad - we have nine games in a month...”

The refereeing in the PSG game: “Pass”.

Union, always present at Barcelona

Wednesday's win strengthened the union within the squad: "It's a stimulus for everyone. But unity is something which I have always seen at Barça and that is what makes a team a team. Not just the younger players but the more experienced ones too. It's very nice to celebrate winning trophies but when you need everyone to pull together to get over defeats, you also need that mentality”.

What was the most surprising thing you read or saw after the PSG win? “I don't know what the press said, or whether it was good or bad. You might not believe me but I never look at what others write - I'm not interested and besides, it's not my job”.

Preparing the squad to reach the end of the season at 100%: “Our preparations aren't about reaching the end of the season at 100% - nobody can plan for that. We try to ensure that the team is at 100% in every game and be competitive in Week 38 - if you aren't, you'll lose the league”.

90 minutes doesn't change anything, says Luis Enrique

What has changed in your day to day activities since the win over PSG? “Nothing has changed because it would be madness to change something just for something that happened over 90 minutes”.

Switching to a 3-4-3 system: “If there is one thing you cannot accuse me of, it's being conservative. We will always do whatever is best for the team, whatever that may be”.

Signing a substitute for Aleix: “We are always open to the possibility of improving the squad”.

Feeling the love of the fans: “I haven't left the house, so I haven't had any contact with the fans”.

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