Juventus striker Dybala accepts Arrigo Sacchi criticism

Arrigo Sacchi thinks Argentine forward Paulo Dybala is protesting against referees too much, diverting the focus away from his fine run of recent form.
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Dybala accepts Sacchi criticism in post-match exchange

Paulo Dybala has accepted criticism from Arrigo Sacchi regarding his on-pitch behaviour in an exchange that followed Juventus' Champions League win over Porto.

Sacchi displeased by Dybala's whinging

The forward was involved in a televised discussion with the legendary former AC Milan and Italy boss after Tuesday's game in Turin, where his penalty was the only goal of the second leg as Juve sealed a 3-0 aggregate victory to move into the quarter-finals.

Sacchi flagged up Dybala's constant complaints to the referee, a familiar trait he thinks has developed since his time at Palermo. 

The 23-year-old now has four goals in as many matches, but Sacchi thinks his protesting is affecting his reputation.

"You are a great talent, but one thing I do not like about you is that you protest too much with the referees," Sacchi told Dybala on Mediaset Premium.

Dybala accepts culpability

In response, Dybala insisted it was not deliberate and said he knew complaining against the officials was wrong.

"That is true, but it is something that is spontaneous to me on the pitch," he said. "I know that I should not do it."

Sacchi again stressed the importance of the attacker changing his ways, adding: "You must understand that you are a role model for children, you have a fresh face. You are a genius of football, so keep that as your focus."

Dybala smiled and said: "I will work hard." 

Juve, who boast an eight-point lead at the Serie A summit, are away to Sampdoria on Sunday.