O Jogo: Coentrão paid €4,000 to cheat on his driving exam


O Jogo: Coentrão paid €4,000 to cheat on his driving exam

The Portuguese daily states that the Real Madrid defender admitted in court to receiving hand signals during his driving licence theory exam.
Atlético vs Real Madrid

Fabio Coentrão has been missing from Real Madrid training for reasons unknown over the last week but Portuguese daily O Jogo has reported his whereabouts last Friday: a court in Braga, where the Portugal international admitted to paying 4,000 euros to cheat on the theory section of his driving test in 2012.

Hand signals during test

Coentrão also told the magistrate how he had gone about. During the exam, which was conducted via video link, the player had a person making hand signals in the background to tell him the correct answers and that he had not had this illicit assistance he would not have been able to pass.

Real Madrid move led to quick fix

The Real left back explained that at that time he was on the verge of signing at the Bernabéu and had been told that the academy in question, Vila Verde, was open to taking some shortcuts in the examination process in return for financial compensation. Coentrão told the court that due to training sessions he had little time and he needed to get a licence before moving to Madrid as in the Spanish capital the language barrier would prevent him from doing so.

The court elected to suspend the hearing provisionally and ordered Coentrão to pay 3,000 euros to a charity food bank in Braga. The Real defender’s case is one of several that have come before the Braga magistrates relating to the Vila Verde academy’s operating procedures.


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