Espanyol bite back at LaLiga's religious Messi tweet


Espanyol bite back at LaLiga's religious Messi tweet

LaLiga la lía en Twitter con Messi y el Espanyol le contesta



LaLiga's official Twitter account published a tweet likening Messi to a religion in the Condal City and the city's other big club were quick to respond.

A tweet published on the official Twitter account of LaLiga during last night's meeting between Barcelona and Valencia provoked a dry, witty reply from the community manager running Espanyol's official club Twitter account.

LaLiga post religious Messi tweet

"In Barcelona, Messi is like religion", posted LaLiga, along with a photograph from last night's game against Valencia, showing the Argentinean with a banner in the background emblazoned with the word 'God' (Dios).

Espanyol riposte

The reply, from the other big club in the Condal City, didn't take long: "Not exactly, friends at LaLiga. In Barcelona, we are actually quite polytheistic you know!" was Espanyol's amusing comeback, posted with images of Perico icons: Raúl Tamudo, Marañón, Tommy N'Kono and John Lauridsen.

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