Ancelotti: "Zidane helped me to understand Benzema"


Ancelotti: "Zidane helped me to understand Benzema"

Ancelotti: "Zidane helped me to understand Benzema"


The Bayern coach will face his former assistant in the Champions League and spoke about the Real striker: "The French treat him very badly."

Carlo Ancelotti and Zinedine Zidane will meet again in 10 days’ time when Bayern Munich and Real Madrid face off in the Champions League, a tie that will pit the former master and pupil against each other in a competitive game for the first time since they worked together at the Bernabéu in a partnership that brought the long-awaited Décima.

"Benzema has never reached the same level for France"

Almost three years after that triumph in Lisbon, Ancelotti confessed during an interview with Journal du Dimanche that Zidane had helped his mentor considerably in his relationship with Karim Benzema: “He helped me to understand Benzema. Zidane is a humble man, but he also has a lot of charisma and as a coach that is very important,” the Italian said. “The French treat Benzema badly. He is the perfect partner for Cristiano Ronaldo, although it is true that he has never reached the same level for France.”

"Ribéry is a Ferrari, and you do not drive a Ferrari every day"

Ancelotti also talked about how he manages his players and gave the example of French veteran Franck Ribéry. “I like to joke with Franck. I tell him he is like a Ferrari and that you cannot drive a Ferrari every day; it is Sunday, and therefore you’re not playing.”


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