Tom Brady will be the face of Madden 18


Tom Brady will be the face of Madden 18

The New England Patriots' quarterback will be the face of the new season's edition of the legendary video-game franchise.

Can Tom Brady break the curse of Madden?

If you believe in the supernatural, in that mystical aura that surrounds and unites us (no, I don't mean the Force), maybe you'll think that the decision of the prestigious Madden video-game series is spot on to put an end to the run of mishaps and bad luck that has accompanied those who have been chosen to be the face of the game. At the end of the day... who better than Tom Brady to put an end to the Curse of Madden?

New England Patriots quarterback chosen for Madden 18

Brady, quarterback for the New England Patriots and Super Bowl winner, has been chosen to take over from his team-mate Rob Gronkowski as the face of Madden 18.

In fact it was none other than Gronkowski who started talking about who would be his replacement, and the man to "put an end to the Curse of Madden", in his own words, not those of the author of this piece.

The curse began in 1999, when the first player to appear, San Francisco 49ers running back Garrison Hearst, snapped his ankle in a play-off loss to Atlanta.

Madden G.O.A.T. edition

And now comes the news that it will be Brady who be the cover of Madden 18 and not just any Madden, but the G.O.A.T. Edition. Nothing to do with a hardy ruminant, but the Greatest Of All Time.

Brady, who was chosen in the sixth round of the draft, went on to win more Super Bowls than any other quarterback in history, married a super model and is one of the richest, best known sports personalities on the planet. All he was lacking was to be on the front of Madden.

Well he's done that too now.


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