Valbuena: Justice will restore the truth

Karim Benzema accused Mathieu Valbuena of inventing stories amid a blackmail scandal and the Lyon player has now spoken out on social media.

Valbuena: Justice will restore the truth

Mathieu Valbuena said "justice will restore the truth" after Karim Benzema accused him of inventing stories amid the blackmail scandal involving the duo.

Neither player has represented France since Real Madrid forward Benzema was charged in connection with an alleged attempt to blackmail Valbuena over a sex tape.

In an interview with French newspaper L'Equipe, Benzema claimed Lyon midfielder Valbuena was lying about his role in the affair.

Benzema hits back

"There's really something wrong with him. It's all part of his story," Benzema said. "When I hear him say that he's ready to play with me again. To hear him at the beginning, I'm scum, I threatened him, I scared him, all you can invent… And now he wants to play with me!

"He must stop his c**p, and I do not know why he keeps talking about me already. I am his enemy, I wanted to take money from him? He really has to stop inventing, it makes me mad to keep on lying. Sex tape? He just had to tell the truth about what really happened, and he would not have had all of this."