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Tony Adams says Arsenal signing Özil was an insult to Jack Wilshire

The ex-manager of recently relegated Granada, who made his name as a legend at the north London club, has spoken of some of the decisions made by Arsene Wenger.

Tony Adams says Arsenal signing Özil was an insult to Jack Wilshire
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When Arsenal purchased German international Mesut Özil from Real Madrid in 2013 it was seen by many as a giant step forward for a club that had become known as one that didn't splurge when it came to transfer fees. A new club record of £42.5 million was handed over.

Certainly some eyebrows were raised as relatively vast sums were paid for a luxury player that, despite his world-class talent, was always liable to be carried at the Bernabéu and wasn't what was really needed for Arsene Wenger. One club legend, Tony Adams, has been speaking to the Evening Standard and went further in the criticism of the move.

Club legend Tony Adams has his own statue outside the Emirates Stadium.

Wilshire should have questioned Özil signing

“It was an insult to buy Mesut Ozil when we’ve got Jack Wilshere there, who is every bit as good,” Adams told Standard Sport. “If I’d been Jack I’d have knocked on Arsene’s door and said ‘why the hell are you spending £40m on this player when I can do it just as well’.

“A lot of fans have questioned Ozil and his desire to win. When you’ve got a player and you’re giving them lots of money they have to contribute.

Wenger tactics questioned by Adams

“Arsene has always missed the balance between defence and offence. I think he thinks he can pass every team off the pitch and sometimes they come unstuck and get done on the counter attack."