Mourinho: "Before I arrived, Sergio Ramos had never played in the quarter finals"


Mourinho: "Before I arrived, Sergio Ramos had never played in the quarter finals"

José Mourinho y Sergio Ramos.



Ex-Real Madrid coach José Mourinho says he is "terrible" when it comes to selecting his team, and always seems to choose to work with clubs who have "big problems".

José Mourinho had admitted that he had trouble selected his teams and for some reason he always seem to choose to work for clubs who "have big problems" like Inter Milan, Real Madrid and Manchester United. The United manager opened up to Portuguese weekly Expresso "I seem to pick team who want to win, but who are a thousand miles away from winning anything".

Mourinho steered Madrid to the Champions League semis three years running

His theory, which doesn't include his two spells at Chelsea, was illustrated using Sergio Ramos as an example: "Real Madrid's captain, who lifted the Champions League trophy the other day, is now a three-time champion of Europe; but when I arrived at Real Madrid in 2010, he had never even played in the quarter finals", Mou explained. He also referred to the Manchester United players "who don't know how it feels to win - apart from the older players who were there under Ferguson".

During the interview, Mourinho affirmed that you cannot teach players how to play football, "what you can teach them is how to think. The most important thing are the ideas, after that there are different ways of thinking". 

As for the emergence of Portuguese coaches during the past few years, Mourinho says that, like Pep Guardiola has done for Spanish coaches and Arrigo Sacchi for Italian ones, he has helped to create a positive image and promote managers who are coming out of Portugal.


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