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"Ronaldo expected the Real Madrid president to back him"


"Ronaldo expected the Real Madrid president to back him"

Liberman: "Cristiano espera una aparición del presidente"

Martín Liberman says that Real Madrid's Critiano Ronaldo is angry and upset over the tax fraud case being brought against him.

The Argentinean sports journalist and presenter Martín Liberman, who says he has an excellent relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo, has published a statement about the Real Madrid player on his Instagram account, in reaction to the news that Ronaldo may want to leave Real Madrid and Spain over the tax fraud case being brought against him and what he perceives as a lack of support from the club.

Real Madrid did issue a statement in support of the player on their website, but nobody from the club appeared in person to make a public announcement in support of the player. 

Ronaldo angry and upset over tax case

The statement from Liberman:

Everyone is asking me about @cristiano and I didn't want to say anything until I'd spoken to him. The truth is we have a very good relationship and often write to each other. He's in Russia, competely focused on the Portugal team and the Confederations Cup, but I should state that he sounded very upset and angry with the club [Real Madrid]. He believes they aren't defending him and he expected that one of the top directors would come out to do so. He thinks the treatment he's receiving from the tax authorities, as well as many others, is very unfair.Let me be clear: it seems to me that Cristiano expected or expects the president, vice-president of sports director to come out and publicly back him and that has NOT happened. The relationship has been damaged to some extent. Let's see how things turn out, but he seemed to me to be sad, upset and angry, but completely focused on the Cup with Portugal.


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