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Messi denies €37,330 bar bill


Messi denies €37,330 bar bill

Messi denies €37,330 bar bill

The Barcelona striker laughed at the claims he, Suárez and Cesc bought 41 bottles of Dom Pérignon that had set the social networks on fire.

Leo Messi was highly entertained by claims over the weekend that he, Cesc Fábregas and Luis Suárez had spent over 37,000 euros in a bar in Ibiza. The three footballers have been enjoying shared summer holidays together. 

An employee of the establishment supposedly published the receipt for the footballers' night out, which included 27 pizzas and 41 bottles of Dom Pérignon, along with whisky, coffees and caviar amongst many, many other items. 

Doubts over Messi 37k bar bill

There had been doubts about the veracity of the bill given the limited number of people who feature in the Luis Suárez's Instagram photos of the night (principally their significant others). 

Messi came out to deny the claim directly, saying "hahahahaha, what a way to talk crap. They just make stuff up, the best thing is that people believe it". 

Juez Central who published the claim have now deleted the post, and apologised, saying their source made a mistake. 


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