We are not all Messi, nor are we all Cristiano

Some friends of mine highlighted the difference between Barça's reaction to Messi (the "we are all Leo Messi" campaign that has been used primarily for more solemn causes) and the simple communication by Madrid when their turn arrived. It's true that the latter was re-enforced a few days later with a more extensive response from Florentino Pérez at the same time he renewed his mandate at the club. It was an expression of support and confidence, to make him feel “you are one of us, we won’t abandon you”. It’s not the same, of course, as saying ‘we are Cristiano’, but for the moment it has served its purpose, according to those closest, to reduce some of the heat from the situation.

Barcelona belief of a warped Madrid plot

Barça’s extreme reaction has an explanation: there were, and still are, many people in Barcelona who are convinced in good faith that Messi’s case (and that of Neymar, not to mention any setback for Barça) is a consequence of the warped scheme from the VIP boxes in Madrid. As absurd as it this sounds to those from elsewhere, there really are many people in Barcelona that believe this. This includes Florentino’s appearance being seen as pressure put on those in power, not just an affectionate gesture to a club member who finds himself in a tight spot. This is the way things are these days between Madrid, the capital of the Kingdom, and Barcelona, the lung of Catalonia.

Cristiano Ronaldo has apparently said to those closest to him that he been feeling let down over the support shown in the tax fraud case.

Tax advisors abandon Cristiano, Messi, et al

Apart from this, I think of one like I do the other: that the responsibility is with those that create the paperwork. For Messi, it turned out bad. For Cristiano, it is not yet finished, and we’ll have to see how it all ends, although it doesn’t look good. And in both cases, as in so many others, it strikes me that there is no demand made of the responsibly of those specialists who have left them in such a mess. Like the cyclists and their doctors who were involved in their doping, these super-sportsmen seem to have a submissive relationship with their tax advisors, who run away from the situation while their clients are trampled under the horses. It might be advisable to put some focus there.