Mariano's emotional message for Real Madrid: "I leave as a man"


Mariano's emotional message for Real Madrid: "I leave as a man"

Mariano con el Real Madrid.

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The striker signed for Lyon on Friday after spending many years at Real Madrid and wished everyone wlel at the club that turned him into a man.

Mariano Diaz left Real Madrid on Friday to sign for Lyon in France and left an emotional message on social media after his departure. Lyon shelled out €8 million for the Real Madrid canterano and he wished them all the success in the world up his exit.

The 23-year-old said in his message: As of yesterday, I am no longer a Real Madrid footballer player, the club I arrived at six years ago and the one that helped me to grow as a football and above all else, as a person. I arrived feeling like a kid and I leave as a man. It's not easy leaving the place that has been home for the last number of years but now I will take on new challenges and objectives at the historic club that Olympique Lyon. I would like to thank all of the players, trainer, members of the technical staff, medics, workers at the club that I have met along the way and to all of the people who have done everything possible to get me where I am. Above all, to Real Madrid for the years filled with success and victory. Thanks you so much for everything.

The striker played just 302 minutes last season but scored five goals in that time. Real Madrid have opted to install a buy-back option in his sale which means that the 23-year-old could be seen in a white jersey again soon if his spell at Lyon goes to plan and he plays as well as he can.


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