Marcos Llorente's social media hacked by Iraqi group


Marcos Llorente's social media hacked by Iraqi group

'Hackean' la cuenta de Instagram de Marcos Llorente


The Spanish footballer was the victim of a hack on his Instagram before regaining control of the account after they uploaded several videos.

Marcos Llorente's Instagram was hacked on Saturday afternoon by a user named Mahmood Jumaa and the 'Grupo Turbo Iraq'. His profile picture was changed to an Iraqi flag and they sent out a video with Mahmood and the aforementioned group.

They uploaded up to seven pieces of content to the Real Madrid player's social media account and urged people to follow Mahmood Jumaa on Snapchat and they also put a photo of the Iraq flag with the comment, "Allah is the only one. The one who has the power over eveything".

Shortly after eight, the Real Madrid player regained control of his account and deleted all of the content uploaded and changed by the hackers.

Romagnoli the victim of another social media hack

The Spanish midfielder was not the only victim of hacking this weekend. The AC Milan defender, Alessio Romagnoli, suffered too at the hands of Mahmood Jumaa. 

The Rossoneri defender apologised to his followers on Facebook and said he had nothing to do with the attack on his social media profile.


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