Adebayor partially blames his brother for Madrid exit


Adebayor partially blames his brother for Madrid exit

Adebayor culpa a su hermano de que se fuera del Madrid

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The Togolese striker spoke to the BBC about his strained relations with his family, and the curious letter that his later brother sent to the Bernabéu.

Emmanuel Adebayor had a brief spell at Real Madrid in 2011. Yet he did not continue at the Bernabéu, despite being highly thought of by Jose Mourinho, and the fact that the player wanted to remain in the Spanish capital. 

In an interview with the BBC, Adebayor reveals that one of the reasons that Real Madrid did not extend his stay was a letter sent by his late brother to the club, recommending that they don't sign the striker. 

Adebayor did 'everything' to stay at Madrid

"I have done everything to stay in Madrid, but because of my late brother I couldn't stay there because he sent a letter... an official letter from the Adebayor family to the club [saying] that they shouldn't keep me. I'm not saying that's why they didn't keep me, but it can be a part of it. Even if it is 10%, it is a lot," explained Adebayor, who currently plays in Turkey for Basakhesir. 

The former Arsenal and Tottenham man has a notoriously strained relationship with his family, which whom he barely speaks. 

On various occasions, he has stated that his family never made contact with him when he was injured or suffering from sporting problems, and that they only contacted him to ask for money. 


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