Those close to Neymar confused by Piqué's 'staying' post


Those close to Neymar confused by Piqué's 'staying' post

Those close to Neymar confused by Piqué's 'staying' post

A source close to the Barcelona player told ESPN that they do not know why the central defender would post such a message and the intention was still to move to PSG.

After Barcelona defender Gerard Piqué posted a picture of him and teammate Neymar on social media with the message 'he's staying' the Brazilian's camp have said they do not understand why.

Neymar source confused by Piqué

Just when it looked like we could finally draw a line on one of the biggest transfer stories of the summer, some would say ever given the finances involved, new information comes to light. The post by Piqué, initially on Instagram, seemed a clear indicator that in his ever-increasing role at the club the defender had spoken with the Paris-linked striker and been confided in. Why else would he announce this news to the world?

But why then has there been no similar confirmation of this from anyone else? Both the player and the club have remained silent and just a short time after the Piqué message a source close to Neymar spoke with sports outlet ESPN and stated that they had no idea of the motive behind the post.

Neymar stills planning on PSG move

Word coming out of Brazil this morning is that PSG have written up a contract and that the Brazilian is set to sign it within hours. There is a strong desire from parties on both sides to have the situation finalised sooner rather than later.

The reasons why Neymar is attracted to a move to PSG.




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