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Theo is a breath of fresh air on Real Madrid's left-hand side


Theo is a breath of fresh air on Real Madrid's left-hand side


Javier Gandul

The left-back has adapted to the team, the tactics and the group both on and off the field and is being helped by Varane and Isco to integrate.

Theo Hernandez needed just 45 minutes against Manchester United to confirm his ability to influence a game. With just 12 days of preseason training under his belt, he was still able to show off his supersonic speed down the left hand side in the second half. He won a penalty when Victor Lindleof, who has played three more games this summer, arrived late in the area on the defender and Casemiro said, "We know how good he is. We saw it last season."

The former Atletico left-back has fit right into the Real Madrid squad with Raphael Varane guiding him on the field and Isco taking the time and effort to integrate him further off the field with his new teammates. Together, the pair took off to Muscle Beach, the famous spot on Venice Beach, to hang out.

The French teenager is not lost on the field or off it and Zidane is delighted with his new addition. "he is going to help us a lot," Zidane said after Theo's first performance. The Real Madrid manager had to squeeze Marcelo last season in the absence of Fabio Coentrao. Theo Hernandez is a blast of energy needed on Real Madrid's left-hand side.


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