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Lucas Moura fuels rumours that Neymar unsure of his future


Lucas Moura fuels rumours that Neymar unsure of his future

Neymar y Lucas Moura charlando después de un PSG - Barcelona.

Franck Fife


Piqué's tweet has been discredited and Neymar seems unsure as to what he will do as he appears torn between staying at Barcelona and moving to PSG.

Lucas Moura, Neymar's Brazilian teammate, has helped rumours that the Barcelona star has not made up his mind yet despite Gerard Piqué's social mdeia post indicating that the player had decided he would stay in Spain.

One of Moura's twitter followers asked him if he had any news on the Neymar move. He replied with the "thinking" emoji to suggest Neymar is still considering his options. The pair are good friends despite playing for rival teams in Brazil and it would fit the narrative that Neymar is indeed unsure of his future and unsure as to why Piqué posted on social media when he did on Sunday night.

PSG and Barcelona have both called press conferences for later on Tuesday night with no clear message as to what the meeting is about. While there are doubts that the Neymar deal will be announced, it will be interesting to see what will be said. Gerard Piqué will appear at Barcelona's press conference after Neymar was asked to step up to the podium but rejected the chance to speak.


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