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Casemiro: "Mbappé is good, but we've got the best here at Real Madrid"


Casemiro: "Mbappé is good, but we've got the best here at Real Madrid"

Casemiro: "Mbappé is good, but we've got the best here at Real Madrid"



The midfielder praised Monaco forward Mbappé and says he is confident that Cristiano will continue at Real Madrid - as Neymar will at Barcelona.

Casemiro spoke from Real Madrid's training base in Los Angeles and spoke about a few issues concerning the team such as Cristiano's contiunity and that of Neymar at Barcelona.

Casemiro, careful when asked about Mbappé

You say the other day that Madrid's squad could not be improved - would Mbappé make it even better? "We know that he's a good player but we have the BBC (Benzema, Bale, Cristiano) which already do a lot of damage to our rivals. We have the best players here. People always talk about who teams might sign. He's not a Real Madrid player and I can't really talk about players who are not at our club".

Do you think Mbappé would be able to find a place in the team at Madrid? "What do you want me to say!?. He isn't a Madrid player (laughs)… Karim is brilliant, Isco, Bale... who's working very hard… We've got the best".

Neymar and his possible exit: "I haven't spoken to him. He's a great player, there's no doubt about that. But I think it would be very difficult for him to leave Barça. If he came to Madrid I'd tell you what a great player he is. But he's at Barcelona.

Would you like to see Neymar at Real Madrid? "You can't deny that he's a brilliant footballer. He would be important in any team. But we shouldn't forget that he is a Barcelona player".

Cristiano's problems: "Cristiano is the best and the best place for him is at Real Madrid. I feel sure that he will stay here with us. He is extremely important for us. We'll be waiting for him with open arms, he's missed here".

Transfer fees have gone out of control: "In today's game, players are going for high prices. People pay the peice they think something is worth. If they are paying that kind of money, they must believe the players are worth it".


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