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Piqué: "If I was FIFA president, I'd change the refereeing system"


Piqué: "If I was FIFA president, I'd change the refereeing system"

Piqué: "If I was FIFA president, I'd change the refereeing system"



In an interview conducted in Japan with King Soccer during Barcelona's trip there this summer, Piqué spoke about Valverde, life after football and referees.

Gerard Piqué gave an interview to Soccer King during Barcelona's recent trip to Japan where the club met with Rakuten and started their three-year sponsorship deal. In the interview with the Japanese football magazine, Piqué says his dream is to be the Barcelona president and insists he is still not happy with the refereeing system.

"I am not made to be a manager," Piqué said when asked what he would do when he hangs up his boots. "I want to be the president of Barcelona, that's my dream. When I retire I would like to do what I can for the club that I love," he continued.

With a new manager at the helm, many question what, if anything, will change but Piqué says that the core philosophy of Barcelona will remain the same. "We have changed managers a lot, and we have bought and sold lots of player but the philosophy of Barcelona as a club remains the same. There is no need to change. The arrival of Valverde increases out motivation."

If you were to become the FIFA president, what would you change, was the next question and Piqué highlighted an area he has picked before, "I would change the refereeing system. you can see the job that they are doing leads to them feeling a lot of pressure during a game. With the goal of eliminating controversy and injustice, I think it would be best to change the settings and introduce technology," he said. 

Pushed as to what game in particular irked him during the season, Piqué responded, "Yes, that's correct. I think there were games where the referee could not have been satisfied. I have already forgotten which ones though. As soon as the new season starts, the mentality changes and there is no negative feeling." 



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